The Plantation Democratic Club was chartered in 1975 by the Broward County Democratic Party (BDP). The Club promotes the election of Party candidates and works with national, state, and local party organizations, including elected officials, candidates, constituencies, and grassroots volunteers across the County.

Steven Siegel, President
Mark Henderson, 1st Vice President
Jason Goldberg, 2nd Vice President
Anne Toft, Secretary
Mary O’Donnell, Alan Ehrlich, Co-Treasurers
Andrew Dolberg, Parliamentarian

Board Members:
Altaf Ahmed
Maria Barth
Cathy Bowers
Maude King-Bruce
Flora Costanzo
Penny Cukier
Debra Edouard
Marsha Eisenberg
Elle Forte
Nancy Fry
Michael Goldfarb
Linda Gutierrez
Denis Henry
Ryan Horland
Art Joseph
Ellen Moltz
Stephanie Nagel
Nuzhat Rajput
Ralph Rickel
Roberto Santiago
Kingsley Smith
Janet Thompson
John Ziegler