It never ceases to amaze, the onslaught of far flung corporate conglomerates that shape our lives. Some of those influences are as obvious and longstanding as the food we eat, the cars we drive or the electronic devices that for better or worse consume us.

There’s Big Agriculture with its stranglehold on food availability, purity and prices; Big Energy and its mission to engineer an oligarchy worthy of Rockefeller’s Standard Oil; and Big Technology as it continues to commandeer whole market shares of military and civilian investments.

But equal to any of these macro-economics entities is the behemoth power wielder known as Big Pharma – a focused handful of global, uber-capitalist industries who are playing God with poor folks the world over …

The pharmaceutical industry has long been a global poster child for catering to the privileged to the neglect of ill poor folks, especially those in developing nations – an implicit guiding strategy rarely exposed to the harsh light of public/ governmental scrutiny.

For obvious financial and political reasons, the CEOs that head up Big Pharma are a disciplined if sometimes ethically-challenged lot: They know that from where the boards and shareholders sit, nothing good happens once their mega-mogul executives wander off-message in the middle of an interview.

But wander they sometimes do. Just ask Bayer CEO Marijin Dekker.

Responding to an inquiry about why Bayer is opposed to India’s efforts to lower the costs of a desperately needed compound, Dekker made a proprietary misstep: “We did not develop this drug for Indians. We developed it for Western patients who can afford it.”

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Source: The Progressive Populist/Don Rollins



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