It’s good that many Republicans have joined Democrats in declaring the growth of economic inequality a problem. And some are even looking to solutions beyond making the rich richer through tax cuts. As we’ve seen, rising stock prices do not necessarily lead to jobs — for Americans, that is.

The crumbling of the once-mighty American middle class has two unstoppable causes, globalization and automation, and one stoppable one, a poorly educated workforce. A high-school diploma no longer guarantees a decent income. That’s something we can fix.

President Obama’s proposal for a free community college education is a good start. Two-year colleges are the gateway to more job training or a four-year college degree.

Let’s dispense with defeatist talk that we can’t afford to educate our people. Obama’s plan is to pay for the schooling with higher taxes on America’s economic elite. It wouldn’t even bother with the upper middle class, just the super-rich.

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Source: The Creators/Froma Harrop



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